It is important for every corporation -- including not-for-profit companies -- to have strong consumer and "talent/employer" brand identities.  While a consumer brand targets external consumers, the Talent brand is directed towards employees and job candidates (i.e., intgernal customers).    

Consumer brands targeting either customers or donors are created when an organization segments, targets and positions their value proposition in the minds of their desired consumers as they intend it to be perceived.  A strong consumer brand identity results when targeted consumers have beliefs that are consistent with what the organization wants the brand to represent. 

A powerful Talent brand communicates the employer's reputation, culture and total value proposition so it may attract, select and retain top talent.  In the case of not-for-profit employers, this includes board members and volunteers.  

Consumer and Talent brands are not possessed by organizations.  Both brands exist only as a set of beliefs and associations in the minds of active and prospective consumers, donors, staff, and volunteers.

The most successful brands start an ongoing dialogue with their audiences that -- through a compelling mix of seamlessly connected products, services, experiences, spaces, and digitial interactions -- fosters curiosity, trial, love, and loyalty.

To establish strong consumer and Talent brands, everyone and everything in an organization must deliver a consistent message and brand "contact."  Brand contacts are more than logos, advertising, packaging, and social media presence.  Contact refers to all the ways active and prospective customers, donors, employees, and volunteers interact with your brands before, during, and after they purchase your product, donate to your cause, or join your organization. 

Consumer and Talent brands target discrete audiences, and feature different value propositions -- yet they must match and balance one another.  WSB offers creative, evidence-based solutions integrating the principles of branding, strategic marketing, communication, and leadership development needed to bring your brands to life. The term “evidence-based” means our counsel reflects current research, theory and best practices so that you receive the finest information and services available to help you reach your goals and objectives.


-- Advertising Campaign Planning, Execution and Measurement for Owned (website, blogs, email) and Paid (Print, Broadcast, Interactive, Outdoor) media platforms.

-- Advertising Planning, Buying, and Analysis.

-- Brand Recall and Retention Studies.

-- Creative Development and Production.

-- Market Research / Primary (focus groups, 1-on-1 interviews, questionnaires, surveys)

-- Market Research / Secondary

-- Media Relations / Earned Media (press releases, op-ed pieces, enterprising stories).

-- Media Training / Crisis Communications Management.

-- Public Relations Campaign Planning, Execution and Measurement across Owned (website, blogs, email), Paid (advertising), and Earned (mass media, social media) Platforms. 

-- See also Leadership Development, Strategic Marketing, and Fundraising & Nonprofit Management sections.


-- Acambis, Inc., Biomet/EBI, Bon Secours Health System, Columbia Pictures, Commonwealth Biotechnologies, DPR Construction, Dynport, Inc., Donate Life Now/Coalition on Donation, Fleet Pharmaceuticals, George Washington University Health Center, Insmed, John Randolph Hospital, Kendle Incorporated, Medical College of Virginia, Metropolitan Hospital, NASA, Professional Bull Riders Assoc. (PBR), SRA Life Sciences, St. Mary's Hospital, Stryker/SpineCore, Targacept, UCB Pharma Pharma, Universal Studios, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, University of Virginia Neurological Institute, UPS/Overnite Transportation, Virginia HealthSource, Warner Bros. Pictures, Williamsburg Community Hospital. 

We Bring Your Brands To Life.

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