The brain is life’s most magnificent enigma. The seat of all intelligence, creativity, hope, faith, desire, rage, genius, joy and despair, this grey lump of tissue hides its secrets in deep, shadowy crevices and shiny protrusions. One hundred billion cells cling together in its wet darkness, clasping hands and whispering messages to their neighbors. In this constant chatter of neurons, the electric hum of signals sent in milliseconds, that fathomless universe behind the eyes can generate more thoughts than there are atoms in all of creation. “It is the most elaborate processing system that has ever existed, and is, itself, the reason that we can know this.” 
-- Richard A.P. Roche, Seán Commins and Paul M. Dockree

Over the past 30 years, the field of neuropolitics has emerged within the political science domanin to help humans understand how we develop our political ideologies, attitudes, and behaviors. Interdisciplinary scholarly research in genetics, epigenetics, neurobiology, neurology, endocrinology, psychiatry, psychology, and social psychology reveals each of us is born with certain predisposed political beliefs. These predispositions, along with lived experience and individual psychological and social factors most often lead to very predictable political inclinations and behaviors.  

Every campaign occupies a discrete time and place in the zeitgeist, which cannot be fully duplicated. Using Neuromarketing tools and techniques, WSB’s neuropolitical research and services empowers candidates and issue groups in a manner conventional qualitative and quantitative research techniques cannot. Clients yield insights beyond the anecdotes, stale punditry, and irrelevant war stories of traditional advisors.



-- Messaging & Creative Development

  • Ideation
  • Framing
    • Broadcast (Television, Radio)
    • Digital
    • Direct Mail
    • Leaflets
    • Outdoor
    • Owned Media (Website, Blog, Email Marketing, Social Media)
    • Phone Banking (Outbound, Texting)
    • Print
    • Signage


  • Tactics and Strategies
  • Effectiveness & Efficiency Analyses (doing the right thing and doing things right)


-- Message and Creative Testing

  • fMRI
  • (EEG) Studies (only in conjunction with fMRI)
  • Eye-tracking Analysis (only in conjunction with fMRI)
  • Implicit Measurement Testing
    • Semantic priming
    • Affective priming
    • The Implicit Association Test (IAT)

-- Media Planning, Buying, & Measurement

-- Media Relations

  • Enterprising Stories
  • Op-Eds

Political Psychology & Consulting

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