Bill Ballas

Founder & Managing Member


Arizona State University

M.S. Political Psychology

Expected graduation date 2024


Western Governor's University

M.S., Management and Leadership


Cornell University

Johnson Graduate School of Management

Certificate, Strategic Marketing  


Virginia Commonwealth University

Wilder Graduate School of Public 


Certificate, Not-For-Profit Management 


University of Northern Colorado

B.A., Political Science


Certified Fund Raising Executive, CFRE




Peter Drucker, the renowned management guru, believed that a business only had two functions: (1) to innovate; and, (2) to market.  In recognition of his genius, my motto is "Innovate. Market. Repeat."   

I founded WSB as a means to improve the world through entrepreneurship and philanthropy by focusing my consulting practice on strategic marketing, branding, leadership development, and fundraising and non-profit management. 

It has been my privilege to help business innovators and social enterpreneurs grow their revenue, profits, charitable donations and, social impact. I am grateful to my clients and colleagues who allowed me to assist them in building rich consumer and donor experiences.  

Our world today (12/14/23) is far different from just a few years ago.  Domestic and international politics and violence threaten our democracy and others around the globe. Markets, economies and personal freedoms are imperiled. Which brings me to The Convergence Blog.

My blog bridges the space where leadership, political science, psychology, neuroscience, marketing and communications converge. Sometimes in "Aha! " moments, sometimes in an "Ahem!" manner. I address issues through scholarly research and applied learning, and hope you find the reading experience enlightening and worthwhile. If ever a moment in history demanded such interdisciiplinary examination it is now.

Warm regards, 


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